Best Live Roulette Sites 2023 Top Online Casinos for Roulette Players

Best Live Roulette Sites 2023 Top Online Casinos for Roulette Players

The existence of single and double zeros on the roulette wheel creates a house edge which means it isn’t possible to win on roulette in the long run. American roulette is one of the mostly widely available and played variations in roulette casinos today. In American roulette, the numbered wheel features an additional “00” double zero as well as the standard “0” found in European roulette. The inclusion of this “00” isn’t a positive for players though as it moves the house edge further in favor of the casino. The majority of casinos provide an instant play option for all their games.

That means you can enter the URL of the platform and access games immediately. We similarly consider this to be a fairly important factor in choosing the right live roulette game for you. For example, some games have rounds of 20 seconds, but others may even cut this time to be quicker – 12 or 15 seconds.

You can find casinos where you can play these in our list of live roulette casinos, but if you don’t want to wager real money, you will have to settle for free roulette games without a live dealer. Microgaming is a studio known for developing the first online casino and mobile casino software in history. Its live games collection contains fewer options compared to other developers, but each one is above a certain level of quality and includes features that give players a more enjoyable experience. Broadcasting mostly from Canada, the studio offers different variants under the “live roulette” category.

This is currently the largest live casino games studio in the world and live roulette games have an important place in its portfolio. Evolution also owns the Netent and Ezugi brands and has multiple games that have achieved “legendary” status. Examples of these are the “Lightning Roulette” and “Immersive Roulette” games. But there are also roulette games where you play against a real croupier by participating in a live stream.

That being said, if you want to be sure, stick to the list of casinos you can see on this page. There’s no trick to guarantee winning at online roulette but you can minimize the amount of money you’ll lose. Heading to a European roulette table over an American one is a good starting point, as it takes the double zero out of the equation, so halving the house edge you’re up against. In terms of minimizing the house edge, your best bet in roulette would be on a European roulette table offering the En Prison rule, as this reduces the edge to just 1.35%.

While not as popular or common as these, there are also exotic roulette variants that drastically change the gameplay. Whether you want to play free online roulette or play money, we recommend that you take a look at them as well – we share some examples below. You’ll want to identify what kind of roulette you’re playing first. Most live roulette systems will use European Roulette, however sometimes you’ll find casinos which offer live roulette in its American form as well. Online casinos use sophisticated software and security measures to ensure that their games are fair and unbiased.

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These chips represent your wager and the numbers on them show the value of that bet. Always remember that inside bets pay out more but don’t appear often, whilst outside bets pay less but and more likely to appear. Also remember that in live roulette you have to place your bet before the dealer says “no more bets”; after this time you won’t be able to place or alter your bets. Weekly, monthly, and regularonline casino promotionsfor existing players at Britain Play which will boost your balance or give you a chance to win a variety of different prizes.

In addition to “normal” games of roulette, you can also find a special version that you might also find interesting. A so-called “Playboy” roulette has dealers wearing tight corsets and bunny ears. It’s a matter of personal taste, but some people will definitely enjoy this kind of game more than just regular roulette. Even though it might not have been the case in the past, live roulette and other live dealer table games are now basically as wide-spread as any other popular type of casino games. If you choose any reputable casino from our general list of top casino websites, you are very likely to discover live-dealer games in the lobby.

Modern artificial intelligence is focused on monitoring statistics and probability. Ultimately, this is something you can also do by hand, although software can analyze vast amounts of data far faster than you. When it comes to actual ball trajectory, predicting it would require analysis of the wheel position and ball speed at the moment of releasing the ball.

French Roulette is a remarkable version of the game where you get to enjoy some unique rules that help you reduce the house edge even further. Knowing how to use the special rules will help you advance even further in your live roulette gameplay. French Roulette is less popular than other roulettes, but the best casinos will always feature it. Placing bets in live roulette is simple and easy, even if you’re a first-time player. The interface at online casinos is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to place multiple bets quickly and easily.

Every roulette table will have its own maximum and minimum bet for inside and outside bets, so make sure you know what these are before you put your chips down. Unique game options like bingo online and even keno, catering to a wide variety of different players and preferences. This type of bet refers to the ‘thirds of the wheel’ and includes the 12 numbers that make up a third of the roulette wheel. Another even money bet is the odd or even bet which is a bet that the ball will land on any odd number or an even one. The chip is placed on the ‘Odd’ or ‘Even’ section on the table in this case. Whether you’re new to roulette or you simply want a little refresher on how roulette works, you can find the simple rules of live roulette outlined below.

At the push of a button, the live dealer sends the two balls shooting from a special patented device. There are new and exciting betting opportunities and potential payouts of up to 1,300 to 1. Proven in the land-based sector, the game is a unique attraction as it offers double the fun. Yes, there are online casinos that offer live dealer tables to Americans. But it’s even better if you live in Europe because there are so many different European-facing casinos that offer live dealer roulette. At reputable online casinos, the dealers who oversee live roulette are your basic, run of the mill dealers the likes of which you have probably seen thousands of times at brick and mortar casinos.