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KWFinder is definitely a great little keyword research tool. They also launched their own backlink tool recently you might want to check out.

You can also use the tool on unlimited domains and check-in on one competitor. These numbers get bigger as you upgrade to other plans, with agency and enterprise packages available. Unfortunately, it’s a pain in the butt to go in and add “rel nofollow” tags to all links in your content. However, the Rel NoFollow Checkboxplugin provides an extra checkbox to mark when creating links in WordPress. One way to make sure your links aren’t hurting your rankings is to add “rel nofollow” attributes to all external links.

You also have the option to sign up for a free account, but you’re limited to five lookups per 24 hours. Accuranker starts at $44.95 per month and that allows you to track up to 600 keywords.

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You’ll probably find more results as their backlink database is bigger and they have some amazing new tools. I have used Majestic online tools and it’s a great tool for analyzing how much link power a specific link provides. I haven’t used Ahref as much, but it should be equally useful for Off Page SEO. Maybe even better.

  • In addition, the RU Server provides added security and privacy by allowing you to keep every link in the chain of command under your direct control.
  • We have not tested Igloohome’s Smart Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey, as we found its housing and keypad to be far too large compared with those of competing models.
  • This will provide you with complete download Microsoft PowerPoint control over your mediated connection and will free you from dependency on Remote Utilities global servers for firewall bypass.
  • After the RU Server is downloaded it can be installed locally.
  • The Wyze Lock isn’t a deadbolt replacement; instead it attaches to your existing keyway and all its smart bits are tucked into the internal housing, a slim metal unit with a thumb turn for engaging the deadbolt.

It’s not as good as Ahrefs, but it works pretty good and is a lot cheaper if you just need some basic data. It’s one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress since you don’t have to integrate anything and it’s easy to cross-reference the data with other tools. KWFinderoffers more affordable pricing for those on a budget. That includes support for keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, and backlink analysis. The highest price point is $79.08 per month and this increases the number of lookups and keyword trackings.

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