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16 quotes from a man $ 50 billion by Dan Peña

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It is a technique that teaches people to develop a level of resistance that brings great profits. His students include London Real’s Brian Rose and meeting coach Jason Capital, who describe their LEA experiences as “shock and fear” and “brutality”. The discipline he studied in the military and his experience in real estate and business became the basis for the Advantage of Quantum Jumping..

When comparing these two periods of his life, you did not expect the former prisoner to become the mentor of billionaires. His past has shaped him as a person and set him a high bar for productivity. And if you challenge him, expect an answer like a battle call. He has names like the $ 50 billion Man and the Trillion Dollar Man. In all my life, I have only had three mentors, and he is only the second because I am very selective in choosing mentors..

However, asking him to become my mentor was not easy. Dan once told fans on a show, “If I leave here with someone who loves me, I will fail.” He truly believes in helping people and will guide you through the finish line. He believes you have the potential to be a millionaire or billionaire. Snowflake, we are not talking about things that fall from the sky and melt in the winter in your hand..

Dan Peña developed this proven formula that has been used successfully for 40 years. Since 1993, Dan has trained and mentored thousands and created multimillionaires..


“The older you get, the less surprised you are” ñ Dan Peña

QLA, which you can find on Dan’s website, shows some audio and video presentations. The issues that Dan addresses in these seminars are the most important in the business community. The system is based on the geometric growth of your wealth, starting from zero..

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