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How to write “Why This Major” College Essay

Because the “Why this college” quote is simpler and the number of words is small, you do not need to include a narrative form or tell a story unless you wish. For example, if you visited a campus and tried a really interesting course or stayed in a meeting of a club that you liked, this can make a powerful joke to start your essay. Just make sure every story you tell has content and is not just a narrative of how beautiful it was to walk around campus. Keep in mind that not only should you describe the specific resources for the school, but also how they will contribute to your goals. This personal aspect is just as important as current opportunities, so be sure to share space to describe exactly why these resources make school right for you.

How to write a good college essay

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At the same time, be sure to follow the application instructions for the shape and length. If the essay has a maximum sentence of 650 words, your application will stand out – not in a good way – if you turn it into 250 words. Admissions counselors say the best essays help them learn something about the student that they would never have known by reading the rest of the application. For example, this essay may be the perfect opportunity to draw attention to an achievement, hobby, or life experience just mentioned in your application.

Five Cs of care are important heuristics for nursing, but they also provide information on how I want to handle my time in college. I’m willing to deal with these principles as a nurse and as a Penn Quaker, and I look forward to starting. If you want a complete test example, here is the student’s real answer to Boston University’s “Why this college” question. This is a good example, as the courses listed are very specific to the Tufts as well as the student’s professional goals. We not only learned something about the Tufts, but also about the student.

If you want more guidance, see the 7 How to Search Schools Tips for “Why This College? You may be wondering where to find all these specific courses, clubs, and other resources.” ρ>

Few people write well under pressure, so give yourself at least a few weeks before the submission deadline. You do not have to work on your essay every day, but you should give yourself enough time to check, edit, and then show your first design to a friend for comments. The faster the first draft develops, the better off you will be. Colleges want to see that you can write well and create a logical argument with supportive ideas. Some colleges also use essays to help them determine if a candidate is eligible.

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